Open water swimming - The most beautiful places in Vienna (2024)

Open Water swimming is trending

Open water swimming is very popular at the moment. Due to the Corona crisis, all of the public swimming pools and indoor swimming pools are still closed. Nevertheless, you do not have to go without swimming, because there are many bodies of water in Vienna just waiting for you to jump in. The Steiner Swimming School would like to present you a list of the most beautiful bodies of water in Vienna, rating them by degree of difficulty:

Open water swimming in Vienna – Family-friendly places


The bathing area at the Kaiserwasser in 1220 Vienna is well suited for the families of children who have attended our beginner swimming courses for children. The entrance to the water is flat and clear, and the water is usually warmer than in other open bodies of water in Vienna. In addition, there is hardly any boat traffic, especially in low season. Despite the idyllic atmosphere, you must never lose sight of your child.

Unfortunately, there are very few places to eat in the area and the parking is equally scarce. We therefore recommend travelling by public transport: take the U1 to the station “Kaisermühlen VIC”.

There is also a playground in case the little ones need a new adventure after swimming.

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Romaplatz – Old Danube

The Romaplatz meadow in 1210 Vienna is less frequented than other bathing areas. Nevertheless, it is a popular destination for families and is the ideal place to access to the Old Danube. Here, the water temperature is also usually higher than in other bodies of water in Vienna. The flat entrance makes it easier for children who may have just recently attended one of our children’s swimming courses to get used to swimming in open water. But here, too, you must never leave your children unattended.

Whether concession stand, hearty restaurant or ice cream parlour: in the surrounding area you can find numerous culinary delights. A playground and beach volleyball court provide a variety of activities.

The free parking lot at Romaplatz usually has enough parking spaces. Nevertheless, it can get crowded on particularly hot summer weekends. Therefore, we recommend the more environmentally friendly way of travelling by public transport: simply take the U6 to the station Angelibad.

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Gänsehäufel Beach – Old Danube

The Gänsehäufel in 1220 Vienna is a very popular location for outdoor swimmers and perfect for families with children. Our swimming courses for children and adults prepare you for this Vienna city public pool.

The water is clean, heats up very quickly and there are many different ways to access the water on this small, wooded island. The many trees offer enough shade to make the summer heat bearable.

Great for children and anxious swimmers: As long as you stay in the swimmers’ area, which is separated by buoys, the boat traffic poses no danger. Alternatively, the little ones can let off steam in the baby pool, in the wave pool, and on the water slide at the beach.

Experienced open water swimmers who prefer to swim longer distances can also circumnavigate the island. In this case, however, we recommend the purchase of a buoy and appropriate care, as rowers, sailors, pedal boaters etc. also use the water. One lap is about 3 km long.

There are many other ways to pass the time on the small island: there is an adventure park, kayak rental, tennis and volleyball courts, a mini golf course, and much more. However, the café and bakery on site only offer smaller snacks.

On weekends, it is recommended to leave early, because the Gänsehäufel is very popular with the Viennese. Since the small parking lot fills up very quickly, we reccommend taking the journey by bike. There is a bicycle parking lot on site, which is often less frequented.

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Open Water Swimming in Vienna – Places for training after work

New Danube

You can go open water swimming almost anywhere in the New Danube. But we especially like the area around the Vienna City Beach Club,even if this Danube side arm offers many other possibilities for swimming.

As this is a very large body of water, one should not underestimate currents, wind and swell. The New Danube is about 200 m wide on average. For this reason, we recommend a swimming course for advanced swimmersin advance, and the prior build-up of enough swimming practice in smaller waters. We also recommend using a buoy, available in our swimming shop,to be better seen by surfers, sailors, rowers, etc. Special attention must also be paid to children.

Nevertheless, the New Danube is also suitable for families if they take the appropriate precautions, because there is a lot to do here: there is stand up paddleboard and kayak rental, beach volleyball courts, a wakeboard lift, a water playground, a trampoline facility, bike rental, a skate park, and much more.

Long-distance swimmers, on the other hand, can compare their times over 1,600 meters using the Georg-Danzer-Steg and the Brigittenauer Bridge. The distance between the two bridges is almost exactly half an English mile! For this reason, swimming back and forth between these two points is popular for many Viennese triathletes, ice swimmers, etc.

However, the New Danube is always a few degrees colder than to other waters in Vienna. If you would like to train in the New Danube during the spring or fall, you might want to consider purchasing a wetsuit.

The culinary offerings at the New Danube are very diverse. From small snacks to gourmet food, there is something for every taste. Many restaurants also offer relaxing after-work co*cktails on hot summer evenings.

The journey by public transport is quick and easy. Both the U6 and U2 underground lines have stops near the Reichsbrücke and the Donaustadtbrücke. It is also possible to easily travel by car thanks to numerous free parking spaces. But on boiling hot weekends, spaces can quickly fill up.

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Klosterneuburg Beach – Barracuda Lounge

The Klosterneuburg Beach Resort is not located in Vienna, but is well worth the short trip for the Viennese. Since the 28-hectare site is located on a quiet sidearm of the Danube, it is the perfect destination for the whole family. The water is clean and people are always very relaxed there. For this reason, it is the perfect place for children who have just learned to swim to gain their first open water experiences.

The beach also offers swimming pools, water slides, a flow channel, boat rental, stand up paddleboating, beach volleyball, basketball, football and street soccer courts and much more. Children are not likely to get bored here.

We highly recommend the beach for children. And in light of the wide range of activities offered and the high quality of the equipment, the entrance fees are really fair.

What makes the Klosterneuburg beach resort interesting for the ambitious open water swimmer? It houses the Barracuda Lounge! The Barracuda Lounge is not just a lounge, restaurant and bar. Over the years, it has become the ultimate meeting place for swimmers, triathletes and other athletes.

An 800-meter-long open water swimming track in the Danube sidearm and regular training events make our swimmer’s hearts beat faster. Body shaping, kickboxing and yoga classes are also very popular.

Concerning the cuisine, emphasis is placed on quality: the food is not only tasty, it’s also healthy. This is particularly important when you are facing a competition as an athlete. And if the swim training lasts longer, numerous evening events with live music ensure a relaxing end to the day.

If possible, we recommend traveling by public transport. The parking lot is large, but during the high season so is the number of guests at the beach. Whoever arrives first gets to swim first! ;-)

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Open water swimming - The most beautiful places in Vienna (2024)
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