Vegetable Tortilla Soup Recipe (2024)

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Very successful with friends and family! I was a little worried after I finished making the soup, but all of the go-withs brought it up to company level. Do not skimp on lime is spot on advice. I put avocado chunks, lime, shredded cheese and additional chips on the table for folks to add as they wished. Chipotle in adobo is pretty powerful, so I found two, not three, plenty spicy.


It's three "canned" peppers, not three cans.

Patti E

Seattle cookery

I made as written except I subbed 3 cups of homemade vegetable broth for 3 of the cups of water. I did t have the can of chipotle in Adobe, but I had a dried pepper hiding in my spice drawer that I rehydrated and gingerly added a pinch at a time until I got the desired heat. Very rich and delicious super easy for an early spring Sunday afternoon lunch.

Stephen in Asbury Park

You just need to read the comment carefully - Seattle Cookery says they substituted three OF the cups of water for broth. So to total 5 cups of liquid, they used 3 cups broth and 2 cups water.

Anne B.

This soup with all the add ones at the end was delicious! Before I added the sour cream, avocados, lime, tortilla chips and cilantro I had my doubts but was very pleasantly surprised! I did add a lot more salt. I didn’t feel it needed anything more than the water as some have mentioned using vegetable broth, as there was plenty going on for my taste buds. It felt like a lot of prep and I remember thinking “I won’t make this again” BUT it’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind!

Kathy B.

This is a delicious soup! Added cumin and coriander when I added the onion and garlic to boost the flavor. Put the sweet potatoes in half way through cooking the cabbage and they were tender at the end. I used a whole can of adobo peppers and it gave a nice smokey flavor without too much heat. It would be nice to have approx weights or volumes on things like the potato and cabbage - my husband grows them the size of basketballs so a small one would still be enough soup for the neighborhood.


This was super delicious. I'm looking forward to making it again. I did make a few teeny adjustments: 1) I seeded/de-veined those three chipotle en adobo peppers to reduce the heat (I learned the hard way on other occasions), 2) I added 2 Knorr bouillon cubes (chicken and tomato, you can use vegetable); 3) I added 1 C of defrosted/frozen corn the same time as the beans; and 4) I thought the soup texture was too thick, so I added around 2 more cups of water.


On the tortilla chips, do you measure 1/2 cup of chips BEFORE grinding or are you supposed to have 1/2 cup AFTER grinding? Because there is a considerable difference. I am assuming it is 1/2 cup tightly packed pre-ground tortilla chips that you then grind which makes far less than half a cup of ground tortilla chips. But this confusion could be the reason some people report the soup being “too thick”.


I would have liked weight for the cabbage.


Delicious. Rather than add more salt, I added a teaspoon of Better Than Bouillion No Chicken Stock when adding the 5 cups of water. Even my very picky tween thought it was great.


Subbed quarter cup or so of Trader Joe’s hatch valley salsa for adobe peppers - not a fan of the Smokey taste. Added corn, cumin, coriander and t of veg better than bouillon as others suggested. Served with chips, lime, avocado, cilantro and cheese. Yum by all!


Excellent. Cook onion after cabbage has cooked 5 mins.


I cooked my own beans and used that highly flavored broth (bay leaves, a dried guajillo and a kombu sheet) for the soup. I used the food processor to first grind the chips (remove), then dropped in four garlic cloves to mince and on top of that, I sliced the cabbage. This was a real timesaver. Used one ancho because of the guajillo in the broth. I needed extra liquid for my liking. I think 2c of tomato purée is too much. It was good w garnishes. Will also tinker w spices a bit next time.


Added a can of white hominy (drained) instead of the sweet potato in this recipe - a nice chewy starchy element. Agreed with others who said that three chipotles was too spicy/smoky here - I stirred a tablespoon of the adobo sauce into the soup and that gave just enough of a bite.

Marsha L Johansen

Thoroughly enjoyed this recipe, the melding of the flavors...Purple cabbage, Japanese Sweet Potato, onion, garlic and tortilla chips, all blended together in my Le Creuset...I substituted one can of Chopped Green Chiles for 3 canned chipotles in adobo (too spicy), which worked out quite well, yet after 5 cups of water added to the puree with all pre-cooked vegetables, I have enough for 20 people, not 4 to 6? Guess we'll have to suffer through this delicious soup a few more days!!!


When I first decided to make this soup, I thought about substituting green cabbage. But the purple cabbage at the store looked so beautiful. I followed the recipe with 2 exceptions: I added cumin, and substituted 2 cups of cooked Rancho Gordo black beans. I served it with the toppings, and was surprised at how delicious and filling this vegetable forward soup is. My 21 year old granddaughter loved it - red cabbage and sweet potatoes - together! Who would have known.

Cam in AMS

I’ve made a lot of tortilla soups in my day but the cabbage here was a novel addition, and I really enjoyed it. Allow it to sit for a solid 4 minutes on the bottom of the pot undisturbed to get a good char I also caramelized tomato paste for a couple minutes at the end of the cabbage cook then added a beer instead of using puréed tomatoes to delicious result.It’s a flexible base - add corn, use whatever cooking beans you have, throw in red peppers, etc


WOW! I used both a dried ancho and the chipotle. Also added cumin and coriander plus more water. Found the salt from the tortilla chips to be enough. This soup is a flavor bomb and will be in regular rotation in our house.


Looks yummy and I'll definitely make it.But nutritional information and serving size is essential for those of us on special diets. Weights are also very helpful.


What I like to do with chilies in adobe is puree the whole can or two and freeze it in a ziploc and then break off chunks as needed for chili, carnitas etc. For me about I -2 tbsp ish is nice flavor but not too much heat.


I made this exactly as written (well I’m not sure what was meant by “puréed tomatoes” I used a large can of crushed tomatoes) and my husband and I both loved it. It was yummy later as leftovers even without the toppings but of course the toppings made it even more delicious.


Very tasty! Clever idea to use shredded cabbage as a base to give some body to the chili.Comments - next time I’ll start with 4 cups of water and add more if needed. I’d suggest adding onions and garlic first and saute before adding the sweet potato, otherwise hard to get the onions uniformly cooked. The adobo added a really nice smoky flavor, and a bit of cumin complimented nicely. I had some white beans on hand and added a few big spoonfuls. If you’re a bean lover you may want to add some.

David Francis, Providence, RI

Our reaction to this recipe was "Meh"! First, it isn't anything like actual Tortilla Soup, which we love and have made many times. Second, It's more like vegetarian chili, except as some others have noted, there's no cumin, which we added. And third, it has BOTH cabbage and Pinto Beans, which wrought havoc on our intestines. There are plenty of good vegetarian chili recipes; our fave is the black bean chili in The Cafe Beaujolais Cookbook, by John Bear and Margaret Fox.


Simple, but nice tortilla soup. Love the use of pan-charred cabbage here. However, I found it a bit bland as written and added bouillon, three additional chipotles adobo sauce from the can, chili flakes, and more salt.

Katie S.

This is a great vegan soup. I added some green vegetables to it, also.


Wonderful soup! You will find that 3 chipotles in adobo will give this a pretty strong kick. Perfect heat for me, but others in my family would have preferred the heat scaled back a bit. No problem, more soup for me!


Definitely needs the cumin someone mentioned, as well as the lime. But very tasty. I swapped in carrot for about 1/3 of the cabbage; too much cabbage just doesn’t agree with me, but the carrot substitution did fine. I had a yellow carrot on hand, so it made a nice color addition as well.

Kathi from Cali

Yum. We are fans of pozole, this seems a good vegetarian version and so added pozole (hominy). The vegetables and red cabbage reminds me of winter borscht. It’s tasty and easy too.


This is too much for 4, more like 8 servings. If you are just 2 people, half the recipe or freeze. Add the chipotle cautiously, or you might find the soup too hot—it gets hotter as it sits. Good with a tsp of cumin and some corn.

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Vegetable Tortilla Soup Recipe (2024)
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